I havent met a whole lot of whites that are both smart and liberal. Most whites that are liberal are fickle and naive. The true liberal minds are usually more middle of the road and dont support all the insane liberal policies. Even blacks I’ve met arent truly liberal in the sense of the word. They will vote Obama because he’s black, period. The only true liberals in America are jews and the jewish run media/hollywood which in reality are directing the country to it’s destruction. I’ve been unable to have a real argument with any liberals for a long long time now and I’ve tried to find some to have a conversation with…

Liberals dont want to have a discussion, they just want to shout insults at you. There almost like windup bots that have triggered responses.

The object of liberalism is not to actually win an argument, but slander the opponent as standing in the way of “progression” or their version of it and this so called progression can be “anything” Toss aside the historical fact that America became a great nation and powerful nation under the white christian family majority:

– If you say you disagree with homosexual marriage, you are a homophobe

– If you want a secure border, you hate mexicans and are a redneck racist

– If you dont like obama, you’re a racist (uncle tom if you’re black)

– You try and point out areas that are failing with multiculturalism, you’re a xenophobic racist hater

– Pointing out the millions of illegals in schools, hospitals, and prisons, also means you’re a racist.

– If you are for a traditional family, Mom takes care of kids, dad works, you might be labeled a sexist

– Even being patriotic to America can now be labeled as racism or fascism under this insanity

– Another liberal classic is to label anyone against multiculturalism and liberalism as “uneducated” and downright stupid

– the same tactic will get used against liberals if they dont like supporting israel, then you are an anti-semite

– As much as they love to say they are against hating, certain groups are ok for hating on: Christianity, whites, males, etc.

And then Jewmedia swarms around anyone who dare say anything that goes against the mantra. It’s amazing these tactics work, but even gullible people are going to wake up from this eventually, I imagine they’re going to be the most angry of all.

For me personally, I know there’s two kinds of people that are not worth arguing or having a political discussion with, liberals and jews. Neither really wants to talk about it and both will remain stubborn even when they are shown they are wrong. If there was ever a real debate on the real issues and problems facing America where insults can’t be used, liberals would lose hands down. Everything now is fixed however.

So everything remains in deadlock because there’s never a real conversation in America about anything at all. And the vultures are able to do as they please.